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Helen Wang

Helen Wang

MS Career Consultant - Finance

Helen joined the Career Management Center in 2015 as a Career Consultant for MS Finance students. Prior to Simon, she worked at a Risk Management firm on Long Island as an Investment Analyst. Pursuing an entrepreneurial venture, five years ago, she purchased a franchise food business in Gainesville, Florida which she still owns and manages.

Helen received both her MS in Finance and an MBA with a concentration in Finance and Public Accounting from the Simon Business School. She also holds a Bachelor's of Arts in Economics from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in Stony Brook, NY. Helen enjoys working with students interested in exploring career opportunities in multiple markets in finance, accounting, and entrepreneurship.

She specializes in career resources, target list development, and behavioral interviewing. Helen is passionate about experiencing different cultures. Outside of work, Helen enjoys yoga, hiking and traveling. She makes friends with people from all over the world and has been traveling around China, US, Russia, Korea, and 14 other countries in Europe. She and her husband live in Rochester. Helen is willing to communicate through WhatsApp and Wechat. The best way to schedule an appointment with Helen is through SimonWorks.

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