Simon Business School

Meet Current Full-Time MS Students


Araya_Ericka_Robles_FT MS Finance 2017_158x190

Ericka Robles Araya

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Kalamazoo College

"I knew I wanted to be in a program that had a very rigorous academic environment that would help me enhance my quantitative and analytic skills. I also knew I wanted to be part of a program with a close knit community that would give me individualized attention, and where I could work to further my career."

Gao_Tianyu_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Tianyu "Jenny" Gao

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Westminster College

"I believe faculty members are the soul of a business school, and Simon has fantastic professors. I'm a finance nerd, I love asking "Why?" and I can easily find a professor who has published a research paper relevant to my questions. If you're passionate about finance, like I am, you should consider Simon."

Jett_Kayelyn_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Katie Jett

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Texas A&M 

“I chose Simon because whenever I came here I could just see concrete steps to achieving my goal. My goal is to live and work in New York City. Whenever I came and talked to current students, they talked about their classes and they just loved them and loved how hands on they were. I talked to alumni, and seeing where they are now and how far the program has taken them, I could just see it so clearly, that my dream could come true if I came to Simon.”


Mathew_Rhea_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Rhea Mathew

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Christ University in India; Osmania University

"I knew if I wanted to reach my career goal and live in New York City and work in one of the Big Four companies, Simon would be where I would reach that career goal of mine. That's why I chose Simon."

Sokyrka_Vitaliy_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Vitaliy Sokyrka

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
LCC International University in Lithuania

“I can say that I enjoy every single part of Simon, starting with the International Student Orientation. I was so amazed by everything, starting with a really beautiful campus, and ending with how much I gained from attending networking and job search sessions. It's impossible to describe my emotions and what I gained with just words. It's something that you need to experience for yourself.”

teng_yuanwen_ftms finance_17_158x190

Yuanwen "Steven" Teng

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017

"For anyone who is making a career transition like me, the MS in Finance program at Simon provides an ample amount of time to build a concrete knowledge base and extensive professional network in finance."


gao yunjia christine_ftms accountancy_17_158x190

Yunjia "Christine" Gao

MS in Accountancy Candidate, Class of 2017
Vanderbilt University

"The Fast Track Program really prepared me for job hunting with resume revisions, working on my cover letter, and networking tips with alumni. After the program, I really felt prepared and ready to face any challenges in my career development process."

hickey_sean_ftms accountancy_17_158x190

Sean Hickey

MS in Accountancy Candidate, Class of 2017
University of Rochester

“Everyone there and wants to make sure you're successful and that you accomplish your own goals. I feel that toward my other classmates and I want to help them out as much as I can, and I feel like they feel the same way toward me.”

kang_naixin_chris_ftms accountancy_17_158x190

Naixin "Chris" Kang

MS in Accountancy Candidate, Class of 2017
Rochester Institute of Technology

“We have students from all over the world. We study together, we eat together, and we play together.”

li_yijun_ftms accountancy_17_158x190

Yijun Li

MS in Accountancy Candidate, Class of 2017
University of Connecticut

“The open sense of community is what I enjoy most about Simon. All the professors, faculty members and your classmates are all there for success. It’s definitely great because you have the opportunity to enhance your practical academic experience and be trained all around to keep pace with the blooming globalization for business work places today."

Tiruneh_Kal_FT MS Accountancy 17_158x190

Kalkidan Tiruneh   

MS in Accountancy Candidate, Class of 2017
King's College

“When I applied to business school I was looking into three things. First was the academic credibility. The second was opportunities outside of class that I could participate in and grow myself and learn more. The third thing was the community, how supportive it is. After my first visit, I feel like it was 'check, check, check' for Simon.”

Marketing Analytics 

Ogbonna_Erinma_FT MS Mktg Analytics 17_158x190

Erinma Ogbonna

MS in Marketing Analytics Candidate, Class of 2017
University of Cape Town

"After I heard from the Simon Admissions Office I researched the School, and the reason I chose to come here was because the School had a very good reputation, from the people who had come here before and from the industry. Also, I found it interesting that the dean of Simon Business School went to the University of Cape Town, which is where I did my undergraduate degree as well." 

Lueninghoener_Laura_FT MS Mktg Analytics 17_158x190

Laura Lueninghoener

MS in Marketing Analytics Candidate, Class of 2017
Knox College

“They always knew me by name. They made sure that whenever I was here, or whenever I needed something, that I was guided. Staff always double checked to make sure I had gotten what I needed.”

sadiq_muhammad_harris_ftms marketing analytics_17_158x190

Muhammad Harris Sadiq

MS in Marketing Analytics Candidate, Class of 2017
Institute of Business Management in Pakistan

“The MS in Marketing Analytics program is so enriched with marketing and quantitative skills that we are able to compete with graduates from the top business schools. I am proud to be a part of Simon community which is so vibrant and diverse and has helped me connect with individuals from all walks of life. Simon has given me a chance to excel in areas I could never imagine, and has made me a better prospect for the recruiters.”

Zhang_Ke_Coco_Marketing Analytics Class of 2017

Ke "Coco" Zhang

MS in Marketing Analytics Candidate, Class of 2017
Shenzhen University

“I chose Simon not only because of the comprehensive academic experience provided by faculty members, but also because it builds a bridge between campus and career by connecting us to every opportunity in this dynamic business market.”

Business Analytics 

Chea_Jorge_Molina_FT MS Business Analytics 17_158x190

Jorge Molina Chea

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2017                   
San Diego State University

“I chose Simon because of the credibility it has academically. The classes are not too big so it has some room for interaction with the professors and you really get to know your teammates.”

perez_andrade_monica_ftms buisness analytics_17_158x190

Monica Perez

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2017                    
Mercyhurst University

"I visited the School for Scholarship Weekend and, for my interview, and I was treated like I was family. The Admissions team was really, genuinely happy to have me here. I chose Simon because it felt like home."

velagaleti_karishma_ftms business analytics_17_158x190

Karishma Velagaleti

MS in Business Analytics, Class of 2017                    
Amity University

“One of the nicest things about Simon is not only are you interested in the School, the School is equally interested in you. Which is why I felt that Simon was the right place for me to go.”