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Araya_Ericka_Robles_FT MS Finance 2017_158x190

Ericka Robles Araya

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Kalamazoo College

"I knew I wanted to be in a program that had a very rigorous academic environment that would help me enhance my quantitative and analytic skills. I also knew I wanted to be part of a program with a close knit community that would give me individualized attention, and where I could work to further my career."

Gao_Tianyu_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Tianyu "Jenny" Gao

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Westminster College

"I believe faculty members are the soul of a business school, and Simon has fantastic professors. I'm a finance nerd, I love asking "Why?" and I can easily find a professor who has published a research paper relevant to my questions. If you're passionate about finance, like I am, you should consider Simon."

Jett_Kayelyn_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Katie Jett

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Texas A&M 

“I chose Simon because whenever I came here I could just see concrete steps to achieving my goal. My goal is to live and work in New York City. Whenever I came and talked to current students, they talked about their classes and they just loved them and loved how hands on they were. I talked to alumni, and seeing where they are now and how far the program has taken them, I could just see it so clearly, that my dream could come true if I came to Simon.”

Mathew_Rhea_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Rhea Mathew

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
Christ University in India; Osmania University

"I knew if I wanted to reach my career goal and live in New York City and work in one of the Big Four companies, Simon would be where I would reach that career goal of mine. That's why I chose Simon."

Sokyrka_Vitaliy_FT MS Finance 17_158x190

Vitaliy Sokyrka

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017
LCC International University in Lithuania

“I can say that I enjoy every single part of Simon, starting with the International Student Orientation. I was so amazed by everything, starting with a really beautiful campus, and ending with how much I gained from attending networking and job search sessions. It's impossible to describe my emotions and what I gained with just words. It's something that you need to experience for yourself.”

teng_yuanwen_ftms finance_17_158x190

Yuanwen "Steven" Teng

MS in Finance Candidate, Class of 2017

"For anyone who is making a career transition like me, the MS in Finance program at Simon provides an ample amount of time to build a concrete knowledge base and extensive professional network in finance."


Recent MS in Finance Alumni 

Nandita Agarwal MSF Class of 2016

Nandita Agarwal

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
University of Delhi, Bachelor in Economics

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: International Tobacco Company, Reliance Capital Asset Management Limited, and Central Road Research Institute-CSIR, Government of India

"My favorite thing about Simon and my entire experience here was the people. Not just my peers or classmates, but everyone I ever interacted with. From day one, everyone has been so helpful. Once I got here, I was in touch with Student Engagement all the time. From my job search, to any courses I had difficulty with, I could go to anybody in Student Engagement and talk to them, and they would be more than willing to help me out."


Sukhmani Bakshi

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Sri Venkateswara College, University of Delhi

Senior Financial Analyst, Gartner

"The main reason I would recommend Simon to prospective students is the Internship Track. That really, really helped me to get where I am today. Obviously the curriculum and classes, they definitely did as well, but that extra six months of the internship that I got, I think that's very, very important for an international student."

Mingi Chen MSF Class of 2016

Mingyi Chen

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
University of International Business & Economics

Investment Banking Analyst, Nomura

"My overall experience at Simon empowered me to reach bigger and to reach those opportunities that seemed really distant to me when I was an undergraduate student, such as landing my dream job as an investment banking analyst in a world-class bank.”


Hao (Harry) Cui

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Fudan University, Bachelor of Economics

Analyst, Panorama Holdings LLC

"I worked with the Simon Venture Fund for three quarters on two different projects. I was able to visit the client's headquarters, talk to the CEO face-to-face, prepare the pitch, and present it on a conference call with the board members. It was really beneficial to us, especially those of us without much work expereince before coming to Simon."


Siegfried Eggert

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Hanze University Groningen

Equity Analyst, GeoInvesting LLC

"The community may be the most important factor to me. The great students I met who will be colleagues and friends and partners in the future. The professors I met who will continuously support me and that I have conversations with. The people from the Career Managament Center who continuously support the students in the pursuit of their dream career. I'd say the people are the greatest thing about Simon."

Patteera Hengboriboonpong MSF 2016

Patteera Hengboriboonpong

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Michigan State University

Project Manager, Discover Financial Services

"My favorite part of my Simon experience was the people. I met many amazing people here and fostered strong personal and professional relationships. Also. the alumni network was very helpful and instrumental in my job search. One of them actually helped me prepare for the job interview with Discover. His insight was invaluable."


Seth Hirshberg

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
University of Colorado at Boulder, Bachelor of Economics 

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: Brown Brothers Harriman, Luxor Homes, and Agrium/Crop Production Services

“The quantitative nature of Simon’s competitive MS in Finance program, in addition to its diverse community of impressive academics, create a strong foundation for careers in Finance. I could not picture myself attending any other program.”


Viraaj Vasanth Kumar

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda College

Operations Analyst, Ellington Management Group

"I'd recommend Simon to students because one, you get to learn with great financial minds like Gregg Jarrell and Robert Novy-Marx. Apart from that, you also build relationships with many people from all over the world, which is a good thing to have when you're starting your networking in the United States."


Carolina Mazzocchi

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Escola Superior de Propaganda e Marketing, Business Administration

Valuation Assistant, Deloitte (Internship)

"Knowledge is being created here, it's not just being taught. Whenever I have a question about finance or I'm just curious to learn something, you can always find a professor who has been studying it or who has been researching what you want to know, and that's just amazing."

Momanyi_Bill_MS Finance 2016_158x90

Bill Momanyi

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
State University of New York College at Plattsburgh, Bachelor in Finance

Pre-MS Internship and Experience: Town of Plattsburgh

“I chose to attend Simon because it offered me a chance to receive a world class education and develop my financial skills through a fast-paced, rigorous curriculum. It is going to allow me to flourish in the financial industry post graduation.”


Nikolaos Polyzopoulos

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
University of Piraeus, Financial Management and Banking

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: National Bank of Greece, Family Business

“I chose Simon because of its tremendous reputation in the business world  and the certainty that the rigorous curriculum offered would be the perfect preparation for what’s next in my career.”


Diego A. Sabio

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Universidad de Buenos Aires, Bachelor of Engineering

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: Inversora M&S S.A, Paradigma Consultores Asociados S.A, Tormene Americana S.A.

"Choosing Simon to pursue my MS in Finance was a quick yes! Simon’s reputation for Finance precedes it. The rigorous course work, strong faculty, and a devoted career management center made Simon stand out instantly from the other business schools. Simon’s commitment toward its students is immense; it directly aligned with my educational and future career goals. Further, Simon made me feel wanted and equipped to take up the challenging finance program!"


Justin Semmes

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Miami University, Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Public Administration
University of Rhode Island, Masters of Public Administration

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: United States Debt Recovery Investment Management, State of Rhode Island General Treasurer, City of Fairfield, and Center for Public Management and Regional Affairs

“The choice was clear! When comparing MS in Finance programs, Simon offered a unique combination of exceptional academics and real-world experience. I chose Simon to develop the knowledge, skills, expertise and resilience to navigate complex financial challenges.”


Jin (Justin) Shang

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Renmin University, Bachelor of Economics in Finance and Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: First Care Asset Management and BDA Consultancy       

“The Simon experience has lifelong benefits that will guide your future finance career. You will find what you are looking for through a rigorous curriculum, world-renowned faculty, and intensive career development.”


Bianca Só

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Universidade Federal Fluminense, Bachelor in Business Administration

Winter Business Valuation Intern, Deloitte

"I always felt like I could ask others for help here, even from people who weren't in my program. I remember one situation when I was preparing for an interview, I talked to three or four MBA students. They made time to talk to me on the phone and meet me at school to really make sure I was ready for my interview even though they were all so busy. One even helped me mock interview over the phone as he was driving to New Jersey for a meeting. That was really important to me."


Luciano Somoza

MS in Finance, Class of 2016
Bocconi University, Bachelor in Economics and Finance

Pre-MS Internships and Experience: Compagnie Europeénne de Développement, Société Générale, and Istituto Cooperazione Economica Internazionale

“I chose Simon because of its outstanding faculty and intellectually stimulating environment; I wanted to be where knowledge is created, not only taught. So far, I’ve had the best experience and I would choose Simon over and over again.”