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Frequently Asked Questions

Here, you'll find answers to the most commonly asked questions about our online application system, admissions process and decisions, scholarship opportunities, and more. If you have a question that is not addressed in this section, please feel free to contact our Admissions Office at (585) 275-3533 or by email at

Do you have any tips for completing a quality application?

Yes. Below are a few tips for submitting a competitive application:

  • Read all application instructions and refer to the FAQs often
  • Review application deadlines and allow yourself ample time to prepare your application
  • Check your online application shortly after submission to confirm the status is "complete"
  • Identify your recommenders early and be prepared to list them when you start your application
  • Schedule required standardized tests in advance of your desired deadline
  • Use your full legal name (as it appears on your passport) when filling out your application and registering for standardized tests

What are the application deadlines?

Application and decision notification deadlines are available for both our MBA and MS programs.

Do you have a Spring entry?

No. Fall is the only entry-term for our Full-Time MBA and MS programs.

Which application deadline should I apply for? Do I have a greater chance of being admitted if I apply in the first deadline?

Yes and no.

First and foremost, do not rush to submit your application just to hit the earlier deadlines. We would rather see your most competitive application – including retaking the GMAT for a more competitive score or waiting until an anticipated promotion goes into effect to strengthen your résumé – even if this means that you wait to submit your application for a later deadline.

Simon uses a waitlist to ensure that we can make admission offers across every application deadline. We do not have a specific number of available offers for any given application deadline - each year our offers vary, depending on the quality and size of the applicant pool.

Second, review our deadlines and take into consideration all that will need to be done to submit your application by your targeted deadline. This includes giving recommenders at least four weeks to submit their materials online on your behalf and receiving your copies of test scores and transcripts. Keep in mind that the timing for you to hear a decision from us varies, depending on which deadline you choose – those who apply for an early deadline with a complete application are guaranteed to receive their decision sooner.

Third, there is merit-based scholarship consideration available throughout all application rounds. As the application cycle progresses, available scholarship funds diminish; however, there will always be scholarship funds for highly qualified and competitive applicants.

What is rolling admission?

In addition to application deadlines for each program and entry, we also accept and review applications submitted between advertised deadlines. While only those completed by the deadline are guaranteed decision notification by the date listed for that particular round, applications submitted between deadlines will be forwarded to the Admissions Committee for review as soon as they are complete. Admission decisions will be made between the notification deadline for the round that was “missed” and the next application round.

Can I apply to more than one program?

No. Applications may be submitted to only one program in an academic year.

I have a three-year degree, can I still apply?

A US equivalent bachelor’s degree is required for admission to any Simon Business School program. If you participated in a three-year bachelor’s program (e.g. BCOM) this will satisfy the education requirement for our program.

What is the application fee and how can I pay it?

The non-refundable application fee is $150.00 US dollars and can be paid by credit card within the online application. Applications are incomplete until payment is received.

How do I select the MS internship track?

Admitted domestic students will receive an email in April with instructions on how to make their track selection on the post-submission screen of the online application. Admitted international students will receive instructions as part of the I-20/DS2019 process.

Do I need to send my official test scores, transcripts, and bank documents to your office before I submit my application?

No. Please do not send us any official documents at the time of applying. We do not have the capacity to store paper items and therefore will not open, process, or review any hard copy materials sent to us.

Should an offer of admission be extended and then accepted, we will request official documents identified as part of your application at that time.

What should I include on my résumé?

We suggest limiting your current résumé to two pages and including your employment, academic, and extracurricular history. For those without full-time work experience, internships should be included. For each position held, please provide the following:

  • Dates of employment (include month and year of start and end dates)
  • Employer name and estimated number of employees
  • Location
  • Job title
  • Responsibilities and accomplishments
  • Starting and ending salaries in US dollars (if an unpaid internship, indicate so)
  • Average number of hours worked per week
  • Reason for job/position change

Explain any gaps in your employment history and include post-secondary educational history, non-academic interests and activities, awards received, and examples of leadership roles.

I am reapplying, what do I need to do?

Applicants who previously declined an offer of admission within the past 12 months may be eligible for a shorter reactivation process. Contact Simon Admissions at for further information. All others are required to submit a new application.