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Daniel Gluszko 100x130

Daniel Gluszko
US Army
MBA Candidate, Class of 2016

Military service left an indelible mark on Dan; it has informed many aspects of his life, including his decision to attend Simon Business School... Read more about Daniel Gluszko

Colby Chaput

Colby Chaput
US Air Force
MS in Manufacturing Management, Class of 2013

Colby Chaput graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 2012 with a BS in systems engineering management... Read more about Colby Chaput

William B. Reynolds

William Reynolds
US Army
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2010

Will graduated in 2002 from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a bachelors degree in Systems Engineering... Read more about William Reynolds

Andrew J. Armstong

Andrew Armstrong
US Army
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2009

Andrew graduated from Franciscan University in Steubenville, OH, where he earned a BA degree in philosophy and theology in 2002… Read more about Andrew Armstrong

Jason DeBloc

Jason DeBlock
US Navy
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2007

After having graduated from the United States Naval Academy in 2000 with a bachelors degree in Systems Engineering and attending naval nuclear power and nuclear prototype training in 2003… Read more about Jason DeBlock


Ken Burkeen
US Army
Full-Time MBA, Class of 2002

Can there be a more fast paced, high pressure occupation than as an active duty officer in the US Army? I thought not until I entered Simon and Corporate America. The two career paths ... Read more about Ken Burkeen
Colonel Catherine Chase

Catherine Chase
Marine Reserves
Executive MBA, Class of 2001

Catherine Chase has been a Marine since the early 80’s, and is currently an activated reservist on military leave from her job at Hewlett-Packard in Austin, TX…. Read more about Catherine Chase

Joel Levesque

Joel Levesque
US Army
Full-Time MBA, Class of 1998

After earning a bachelors degree from the US Military Academy at West Point in 1989, Joel graduated from Army Ranger School at Fort Benning… Read more about Joel Levesque

Nathan Martin

Nathan Martin
US Navy
Executive MBA, Class of 1996

After having graduated from North Dakota State University in 1988 with a bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering… Read more about Nathan Martin

Admiral Stuart Platt

Stuart Platt
US Navy
Full-Time MBA, Class of 1970

Stuart attended the University of Rochester and earned a bachelor of science degree and a masters of science degree in Operations Analysis… Read more about Stuart Platt


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