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IT Consulting

Information technology (IT) consultants are subject-matter experts who leverage their in-depth knowledge of computer and telecommunications hardware, software, and Internet structure to help clients overcome challenges and achieve business objectives. This branch of consulting offers MBAs the ability to focus on strategy or implementation. On the strategy side, consultants often present technology solutions to assist clients with accomplishing long-term goals. Implementation consultants focus on designing custom processes, software, and technology solutions for clients—often testing for program compatibility and implementing the system.

Employment Outlook and Career Opportunities

There are internal and external opportunities available to IT consultants. The majority of Simon MBAs entering the field are hired by information technology (IT) consulting firms that place a high value on the qualitative foundation of our curriculum. IT is a high-growth sector, with businesses continually upgrading systems and processes. Employment prospects are strong for IT consulting career paths; firms are typically open to hiring domestic MBAs as well as sponsoring international students.

Job Titles  

Sample titles for external IT consultants include:

  • IT Associate/IT Consultant
  • Senior IT Consultant
  • IT Manager
  • Principal
  • Partner

Sample titles for internal IT consultants include:

  • Business Analyst/Intelligence
  • Strategy Associate
  • Strategy Manager

In-Demand Skills and Character Traits

Recruiters look for candidates with technical insight, strong problem solving skills, an aptitude for analytics, as well as qualitative and strong communication skills. The ability to understand internal and external audiences is also helpful in the IT consulting field.

IT Consulting Career Preparation at Simon
Academic Path

As you pursue your MBA, you are encouraged to explore the Competitive and Organization Strategy and Computers and Information Systems concentrations to prepare for your career.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Industry insight and practical experience are critical in the consulting field. We highly recommend that students pursue co-curricular skill development opportunities. The Consulting Club hosts alumni panels, case competitions, and educational seminars to help students explore the various consulting fields. Members gain valuable exposure to consulting organizations and benefit from strong preparation for behavioral and case interviews. Some students may also wish to join Simon Says to build and polish presentation skills, which are essential to a consultant’s success.

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