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Strategy Consulting

Strategy consultants specialize in helping senior executives understand and address the macro-level challenges affecting their organizations. Typical initiatives include recommending new expansion avenues for growing companies, evaluating investment opportunities, or determining and improving a business’s position in the marketplace. Similar to management consultants, strategy experts may council across all verticals to assist HR, finance, operations, technology, and marketing functions.

Employment Opportunities and Career Path

Strategy consulting, along with management consulting, garners strong placement results for Simon MBAs. A small, yet steadily increasing number of our graduates are hired by specialized boutique firms looking for consultants with several years of demonstrated experience in specific industries or sectors. Depending on the organization, sponsorship may be available for international students.

Job Titles

Sample titles for positions within strategy consulting include:

  • Business Strategy Associate/Business Strategy Consultant
  • Senior Business Strategy Consultant
  • Business Strategy Manager
  • Principal
  • Partner

Strategy Consulting Career Preparation at Simon
Academic Path

If you are interested in pursuing a career in strategy consulting, you should choose the competitive and organizational strategy concentration.

Co-Curricular Opportunities

Industry insight and practical experience are critical in the consulting field. We highly recommend that students pursue co-curricular skill development opportunities. The Consulting Club hosts alumni panels, case competitions, and educational seminars to help students explore the various consulting fields. Members gain valuable exposure to consulting organizations and benefit from strong preparation for behavioral and case interviews. Some students may also wish to join Simon Says to build and polish presentation skills, which are essential to a consultant’s success.


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