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Add Dimension to Your MBA and Deepen Your Knowledge Base with In-Demand Concentrations.

At Simon, you have the flexibility to choose a concentration that fits your goals and objectives. Your elective curriculum allows you to focus your degree in tracks ranging from Finance and Information Systems to Entrepreneurship and Marketing.

While specializing your degree isn’t required, developing expertise by pursuing a concentration results in a value-added MBA that could help you stand out in a competitive business marketplace. Integrating one or two concentrations into your academic path demonstrates a strong interest and commitment to your chosen field. Carefully selected concentrations could give you the credentials to be the ideal candidate for the top positions in your target industry.

Give your MBA a boost. Take time to review the 11 competitive concentrations and tracks available to you as a Simon Student.

With nearly 80 percent of our graduates pursuing career paths in Finance, Marketing, and Consulting, the five most popular concentrations, historically, are:

In order to offer specializations for the varying interests of our students and allow them to truly tailor their MBA experiences, eight additional concentrations are available to fit almost any future career path.

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